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Singorama review


Rating: 4.8

Get Rid Of Your Vocal 'Break' And Reach Higher Notes With Effortless Strength. You too can gain that extra octave your voice needs. By using professional insider tips and techniques - these are the hallmarks of a winner…someone who stands out among everybody else.

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Features of Singorama

  • To be able to sing with power… where your voice effortlessly resonates with strength and clarity.

  • A smooth tone with beautiful vibrato.

  • Adding an extra octave or more to your range.

  • Where you can easily shift from your chest voice to your head voice with effortless agility - hitting those high notes without any cracks.

  • Detailed training in achieving bridged vocalization, as well as attaining a powerful resonating sound to your voice with greater singing agility

  • Learning about major and minor keys

  • The Solfege system

  • Time signatures, key signatures and rhythm

  • Progressive interval training

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